Climbing mountains is more than reaching the top—it’s about inspiring, encouraging, and impacting others in a positive way.

For every STEP Lucy takes on her journey, she hopes to make an impact in the world by raising awareness and money for safe WATER. Lucy partners with WATERSTEP, a non-profit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky, to bring safe water to the world. Watch this video to learn how you can join the effort to save lives simply by collecting used shoes.

2019 world water day

This March, schools and businesses throughout the Chicagoland area will be hosting shoe drives for World Water Day.

By collecting used shoes for WaterStep, you’ll help fund safe drinking water projects all over the world — projects that save thousands of lives each year. In addition to funding water projects, donated shoes keep tons of waste out of our landfills and provide affordable shoes to people in third world countries. Shoes are sold to an exporter and funds received help bring safe water to those in need.

World Water Day Shoe Drive
March 2020

Make a Difference in the World

Host a Shoe Drive in your community this March for World Water Day

Steps to Hosting a Successful Shoe Drive


Let's get connected!

Click the button below to let us know the location and dates of the shoe drive you plan to host.


Decide on a location.

Your school, workplace, a local business, church, entry to an event, etc.


Set dates.

Collect shoes during the month of March to join the Chicagoland World Water Day campaign. If March is not a good month for your location, collect shoes anytime. Shoe drives go on year-round throughout the United States.


Get the word out.

  • Post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Email your shoe drive flyer to the contact person at your collection site (school, business, church) and ask them to post it on their website.
  • Email your press release and shoe drive flyer to your local newspaper and ask them to write an article about it.
  • Email your press release and shoe drive flyer to your local radio station and ask them to make an announcement about it or give you a spot on a radio show to talk about it.
  • Email your shoe drive flyer to your friends and family to let them know the awesome work you are doing to save lives with safe water.


Collection materials delivered.

Before your shoe drive begins, I will drop off all materials needed for a successful shoe drive.


Shoe Drive Time!

All you’ll need to do is set out the collection bins at the beginning of your shoe drive, when the bags get full move them to a storage area and set out a new bag to collect more shoes, and then take everything down at the end of the shoe drive.


Shoes picked up.

At the conclusion of your shoe drive, I will pick up all the shoes you collected and deliver them to WaterStep in Louisville.

That's it. It's that simple!

The collection bins are lightweight and user-friendly. Any questions, I am always here to help. You can easily reach me via text at
502-396-6647 or email lucyiwestlake@gmail.com

Printable Materials (Coming Soon)

Simply click on the item needed, download and make any necessary changes to personalize the documents to your shoe drive.

Shoe Drive Flyer

Word Document

Press Release

Word Document

Shoe Drive Letter

School, business, church


Frequently Asked Questions