Lucy's Highpointing Journey


Lucy began her highpointing quest at the age of seven when she and her family stood on the top of Black Mountain, Kentucky, on April 9, 2011.

While standing on the top looking at the US geological survey marker, Lucy and her parents began to wonder where other state highpoints were located. They spent the next four hours while driving home looking up and reading about state highpoints.

The following summer Lucy’s family took a road trip out west and mapped out all the highpoints along the way. On that trip, at the age of eight, Lucy and her father summited seven highpoints (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota) and the dream to climb all 50 was born on the top of Mt. Elbert, Colorado. For the next five years, Lucy and her family traveled throughout the United States climbing each state’s highest mountain.

Sets World Record

July 2016
» Youngest female to climb lower 48 US state highpoints
» Youngest father-daughter team to climb lower 48 US state highpoints

Youngest female to climb the lower 48 state highpoints

On July 22, 2016, on the top of Kings Peak in Utah at the age of 12, Lucy set the world record as the youngest female to climb the lower 48 state highpoints and she and her father set the record as the youngest father-daughter team. Proud of this accomplishment, Lucy knew this was only a step to her ultimate goal… to be the youngest female to climb all 50 state highpoints.

Lucy heads to Alaska by way of Africa

Before a guide company would allow Lucy to climb Denali at the age of 13, she had to prove her body could handle high altitude. The only way to prove this is to climb a mountain over 19,000 feet. There are not many easily accessible mountains in the world this high, but there was one Lucy always wanted to climb… Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the continent of Africa. After Lucy and her father climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and stood on the top of Africa together, the Alaska Mountaineering School agreed to guide Lucy on Denali.

Attempts another World Record

On May 27, 2017, Lucy and her father arrived in Talkeetna, Alaska, to begin their 20-day journey to the top of their 50th highpoint together - Denali. Unfortunately, 18 days into the expedition the weather was still unsafe to make a summit attempt and a 28-year old man from Kathmandu, Nepal, died just above their camp in the poor conditions.

With a stormy forecast predicted, low amounts of fuel remaining, and the lack of oxygen for survival at 17,200 feet, the guides decided to descend without a summit attempt. This is a very common occurrence on the world’s highest mountains. You have to be in the right place at the right time when the weather allows for a safe push to the summit.

Lucy’s 20-day journey on Denali is a story of determination, teamwork, and extraordinary effort.


June 2021

Sets World Record

  • Youngest female to climb all 50 US state highpoints
  • Youngest father-daughter team to climb all 50 US state highpoints

On June 4, 2021, Lucy and her father, Rodney, flew onto the Kahiltna Glacier to begin their second attempt to reach the summit of Denali, 4 years after the first attempt in 2017. After 17 days on the mountain, Lucy and Rodney stood together on the top of Denali on Father’s Day to complete their 50th highpoint.

Lucy’s Highpoint Climbs

Black MountainKentucky04-09-2011
Charles MoundIllinois06-03-2012
Hawkeye PointIowa06-04-2012
Mount SunflowerKansas06-04-2012
Mount ElbertColorado06-06-2012
Panorama PointNebraska06-07-2012
Harney PeakSouth Dakota06-09-2012
White ButteNorth Dakota06-10-2012
Mount ArvonMichigan08-19-2012
Brasstown BaldGeorgia11-28-2012
Clingmans DomeTennessee11-28-2012
Sassafras MountainSouth Carolina11-29-2012
Mount RogersVirginia12-03-2012
Mount MitchellNorth Carolina12-03-2012
Campbell HillOhio03-03-2013
Hoosier HillIndiana03-03-2013
Backbone MountainMaryland03-04-2013
Spruce KnobWest Virginia03-05-2013
Mount MarcyNew York06-15-2013
Mount MansfieldVermont06-16-2013
Mount GreylockMassachusetts06-16-2013
Mount FrissellConnecticut06-17-2013
Mount WashingtonNew Hampshire06-18-2013
Jerimoth HillRhode Island06-20-2013
High PointNew Jersey06-20-2013
Ebright AzimuthDelaware06-21-2013
Mount DavisPennsylvia06-23-2013
Woodall MountainMississippi02-05-2014
Chetah MountainAlabama02-05-2014
Britton HillFlorida02-06-2014
Driskill MountainLouisiana02-06-2014
Guadalupe PeakTexas03-03-2014
Magazine MountainArkansas03-04-2014
Tatum Sauk MountainMissouri06-06-2014
Black MesaOklahoma06-07-2014
Wheeler PeakNew Mexico06-09-2014
Humphreys PeakArizona06-10-2014
Boundary PeakNevada06-12-2014
Mount WhitneyCalifornia06-14-2014
Eagle MountainMinnesota12-18-2014
Timms HillWisconsin04-11-2015
Mount RainierWashington06-14-2015
Mount HoodOregon06-18-2015
Mauna KeaHawaii02-09-2016
Gannett PeakWyoming07-13-2016
Granite PeakMontana07-19-2016
Borah PeakIdaho07-21-2016
Kings PeakUtah07-22-2016

Current Statistics

Youngest females to climb lower 48 US state highpoints:

Lucy Westlake12y 8m 18d2016
Kristen Kelliher17y 4m 13d2011
Fallon Rowe17y 6m 4d2014

Youngest females to climb all 50 US state highpoints:

Lucy Westlake17y 7m 17d2021
Kristen Kelliher18y 1m 15d2012
Kim Coupounas30y 8m 30d1997