About Lucy


Personal Info

Lucy Westlake
Hometown Naperville, Illinois
High School Naperville North High School
Birthdate November 4, 2003

Running Career

2018 Naperville North High School XC Team
2018 Nike National Team Runner-up
2018 Nike Midwest Regional Team Champions
2018 Illinois State Team Champions
2016 USATF XC All-American
2016 CCCNYC XC National Champion
2015, 2014, 2013 AAU XC All-American
2015, 2013 Kentucky XC State Champion

Triathlon Career

2019 East Coast Festival Junior Elite Champion
2019 High School National Team Champions
2018 Olympic Training Center Elite Camp
2018 USA Triathlon Youth Elite All-American
2018 USA Triathlon Youth Elite National Race Series Runner-up



Lucy has been climbing mountains since she could walk. She has a deep love for the outdoors and pushing her physical and mental limits to new heights.

Lucy began her highpointing adventure — climbing to the top of every state’s highest mountain — at the age of seven when she and her family visited Black Mountain in Kentucky.

Looking at the US geological survey marker on top of the mountain, Lucy and her family began to wonder where other state highpoints were located. They spent the next four hours while driving home looking up and reading about state highpoints.

For the next five years, Lucy and her family traveled throughout the United States climbing each state’s highest mountain. As of 2019, she has made it to the top of 49.


Sets a World Record

On July 22, 2016, at the age of 12, Lucy set a world record as the youngest female to climb the lower 48 state highpoints.

Watch Lucy's Highpointing Journey

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Attempting Another World Record

Lucy will return to Denali in June 2020 to once again attempt to reach the summit of one of the most difficult mountains in the world.

Unlike other mountains – including Everest – you don’t have the aid of porters or transportation of gear to ease your climbing of Denali. While climbers on Everest only carry a daypack, on Denali you have to be self-sufficient the entire way. This means carrying a heavy backpack and pulling a sled with a total of 80 pounds of gear in one of the coldest and harshest environments on earth. This makes Denali one of the greatest physical challenges in the world. If Lucy makes it to the top, she will set the world record as the youngest female to climb all 50 state highpoints.

The Seven Summits


Attempting One of the Greatest Mountaineering Challenges

Climbing the Seven Summits, the highest peak of every continent, is one of the greatest mountaineering challenges. Lucy has her sights set on seeing the world from the top.

Follow her journey to the top of each continent on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you to my SUPPORTERS for making this all possible.


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Lucy inspires people of all ages, from a room of elementary students to corporate CEO’s. To inquire about booking Lucy for your next event, please use the contact link below.